The floor is slippery. ___________ you don’t fall!

The floor is slippery. ___________ you don’t fall!

Tečaj angleščine vam bo pomagal usvojiti nove strukture in osvežiti, kar ste že znali. Katero besedo boste uporabili: care for / care about  / take care / take care of?

Do you care about the correct use of take care of and care for? Take care you don’t make mistakes!

Katera oblika je pravilna?

Primer 1:

  • He doesn’t __________ you.
Pravilen odgovor.

He doesn’t care about/for you.

a) to care about – to hold someone or something dear; to prize someone or something

I care very much about my friends.

b) to care for – to love someone

I care for you deeply.

Primer 2:

  • Could you __________ my cat next weekend?
Pravilen odgovor.

Could you take care of/care for my cat next weekend?

a) take care of – to look after, to oversee and protect someone

Our parents spent a lot of time taking care of us when we were young.

b) to care for – to take care of, to do the necessary things for someone who needs help or protection

We have a maid to care for the house.

Primer 3:

  • The floor is slippery. ___________ you don’t fall!
Pravilen odgovor.

The floor is slippery. Take care you don’t fall.

a) to take care – to be cautious

Take care when you cross the street.

Tečaj angleščine je priložnost za razrešitev marsikatere jezikovne dileme.

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